Bionova Medical Devices

Medical devices for home PEMF magnetotherapy

Bionova Medical Devices, exclusive for the rental of Osteoplus® biostimulator throughout the national territory, is a branch of Tesla Medical Ltd, a manufacturer founded in 2014 with the aim of implementing a twenty-year specialized activity aimed at the rental of medical devices.

Our new mission is born from the need and ambition to distribute on the market a high-end medical facility, for the treatment of bone, muscle and cartilaginous pathologies.

4 years of studies and design, in collaboration with medical teams for clinical studies and qualified engineers, for the realization of Osteoplus® tissue biostimulator, the evolution of PEMF magnetotherapy intended for therapeutic treatment at home.

UA desire that becomes reality: make you free to choose your therapeutic path

The idea behind Osteoplus® is simple but revolutionary. Realize a device for low frequency magnetotherapy, powerful, easy to use and convenient to carry, to allow you to continue even at home, and in total autonomy, the therapeutic path.

Advanced technologies for effective therapy

For the design of Osteoplus® we use state-of-the-art technologies, at the forefront of the ability to exploit the full potential and benefits guaranteed by magnetic fields for the treatment of diseases, both traumatic and Chronic, of the skeletal muscle apparatus.

The immediate success of Osteoplus® tissue biostimulator found in the orthopedic field for its therapeutic capabilities, has led Bionova to be today among the most renowned and reliable companies in Italy.

However, the process of technological development and clinical deepening never stopped. In fact, Tesla Medical (parent company) constantly continues its path of growth, updating and optimization, aimed at offering an increasingly high-performance and quality service.

Continuous and thorough quality control

Before entering the market, each device undergoes strict and continuous quality controls. The activity is part of a wider control system that attests to the effectiveness of the device and that makes home therapy with Osteoplus® the best “recipe” for the treatment of your pathology.


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