What is gonalgia? When we talk about gonalgia we refer to the localized pain of the knee that can affect people of all ages indistinctly. The causes can be multiple, and in any case attributable to alterations, injuries or fractures of the meniscus, patella, ligaments and cartilages. In fact, the knee is the joint that [...]
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Pseudoarthrosis, how and when it arises. When a fracture fails to calcify correctly, even if subjected to the most common modern therapeutic methods, it is pseudoarthrosis. In such a condition the human body fails in the process of bone callus formation, due to advanced age, metabolic disorders, alcohol intake and smoking, infection or lack of [...]
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What does meniscopathy mean? Meniscopathy is a disorder related to the knee and more precisely refers to meniscus injuries. In most cases, meniscopathy is evidenced by structural examinations, being a pathology that affects more than 50% of sportsmen. The meniscus is placed between the tibia and the femoral condyle is of fibro-cartilaginous structure and has [...]
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Hallux valgus

What is hallux valgus? Hallux valgus or valgism is a pathology inherent in the big toe that mainly affects 40% of women and arises especially at the age of 40 to 60 years. Certainly not exempt are persons of lower age or of male sex, albeit in a small percentage. Symptoms and imperfections This pathology, [...]
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Bone edema

Bone Edema: causes and remedies Bone edema is an inflammatory process that occurs inside the trabecular or spongy bone, such as the knee and ankle, producing a buildup of fluid that weakens the bone itself. There are several pathologies that can trigger inflammation. How it arises Pathologies of traumatic origin (accident, Falls, bruises) and degenerative, [...]
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Runner injuries

The most frequent injuries in the runner usually originate in mechanical overload produced by a high training load, inadequate running technique and altered biomechanics.

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Patellar chondropathy

Cartilage injury Patellar chondropathy is the disease or injury of the articular cartilage of the patella that is manifested by pain localized in the front of the knee. Cause The patellar injury also called patellar femoral syndrome, is one of the most frequent traumatic processes, especially in athletes, and is due to multiple causes. The [...]
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Injuries in skiing

The most frequent injuries in skiing are mainly bruises and injuries to the knee, shoulder and hand. Injuries to the wrist and collarbone have increased with the practice of snowboarding especially among amateurs.

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Features of running

Running injuries are due to several reasons: inadequate technique, non-customized shoes and biomechanical stress. These are all factors that increase the risk of injury.

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