How Osteoplus® works

Where you want, when you want

Osteoplus® tissue biostimulator is the device for home magnetotherapy indicated for the treatment of pathologies affecting the musculoskeletal system. It acts through a signal to modular Pulsed Magnetic Fields at low frequency, which favor the proliferation of bone and cartilage cells and provides considerable benefits in case of inflammation and/or bone edema.

It allows you to follow the therapeutic protocol prescribed by the specialist in the ways and times that you deem most appropriate, depending on your needs. It is in fact easy to use and convenient to carry.

In the office, at home, in the car on vacation: it does not need an electrical outlet to go into operation.
It is also safe and risk – free, for safe and effective therapies.

The evolution of Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT, or PEMF therapy)

Osteoplus® is the latest evolution of PEMF therapy, with a triple beneficial effect:

  • Stimulating action
  • Anti-edema action
  • Vascularization

The low frequency modular pulsed magnetic fields (PEMF) of the device deliver – through a specific program – a powerful signal focused by the great anti-edema, anti-inflammatory and vascularizing action.

Osteoplus® promotes neoangiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels), which is especially important for the treatment and resorption of bone edema. It also acts on cell proliferation (osteoblasts) and on the pain control, stabilizing the degenerative process of pathologies.

Your therapy with Osteoplus®

The device is recognized as a medical product certified by the Ministry of Health for home magnetotherapy treatments. It is used to cure:

Performing a therapeutic course with Osteoplus® is simple and immediate

Explain your problem and receive information about the device and how to rent it

Receive Osteoplus® in 1 day throughout Italy, including islands

Use the device only for the days you need and in the manner you prefer

Finish the therapy and we will come to pick it up directly at your home, without additional costs

Your therapy starts now

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Osteoplus® halves of 50% recovery time

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