Osteoplus® Magnetotherapy for gonarthrosis treatment

Gonarthrosis – also known as osteoarthritis or arthrosis of the knee- is a chronic degenerative disease inherent in the cartilaginous tissue that covers the upper surface of the femur and the lower one of the tibia.

When the cartilages undergo a thinning process, the knee joint bones lose their natural synovial lubrication and rubbing between them give rise to osteophytes or cysts resulting in inflammation of the affected area.

What are the causes? The onset of gonarthrosis, which among other things can be mono or bilateral (i.e. both knees), is certainly to be considered conditioned by advanced age, excessive body weight, repeated trauma to the knee or the removal of the meniscus following surgery.

How does it manifest itself? Symptoms that are manifested to the patient, are in most cases pain that calms down only in a state of rest, joint stiffness, swelling, redness or crunching in the movement phase

Act directly on inflammation with Osteoplus© magnetotherapy

Gonarthrosis, if diagnosed at an early stage, can be effectively treated through biostimulating therapy. Osteoplus®, through a specific treatment, delivers powerful pulsed magnetic fields modular low-frequency (PEMF), which act on the proliferation of chondrocytes (the cells responsible for cartilage tissue) and act with a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory with huge benefits on joint pain.

Benefits of Osteoplus© therapy

  • Powerful and effective: recommended by doctors for potency and therapeutic effectiveness
  • Safe: medical device Made in Italy, registered with the Ministry of Health
  • Customizable and easy to use: it is programmed on your treatment. All you have to do is turn it on and start the therapy
  • Transportable: you can always take it with you: to the office, to the park, to the university or just on the couch at home
  • Free shipping: it is delivered to your home in 24h

Period of therapy

The recommended protocol for the treatment of gonarthrosis is 30-60 days, for 4-6 hours a day.

You can decide to follow the treatment even at different times of the day. Osteoplus® is in fact a portable medical device, which allows you to program the therapy in maximum comfort and according to your needs. To be effective, each session with the device must have a minimum duration of 2 hours.

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