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What is Osteoplus® Tissue Biostimulator?

Osteoplus® Tissue Biostimulator is a professional medical device certified for home use very indicated for the treatment of numerous diseases of the skeletal muscle apparatus. The biostimulating signal, through the delivery of Low Frequency Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PEMF), acts in a decisive way on the proliferation of osteoblasts (bone cells) and chondrocytes (cartilage cells) facilitating the process of calcification of bone and cartilage restructuring.

Why use Osteoplus® Tissue Biostimulator?

Osteoplus® delivers a powerful magnetic field that, through the treatment focused, it is extremely effective in increasing the endogenous production of growth factors, in particular morphogenetic proteins, facilitating the process of recovery for different diseases related to bone and cartilage, fractures, delayed consolidation, pseudo-arthrosis, osteoporosis, algodistrofie, intraspongous oedema, osteoarthritis, condropathies, necrosis).

How Osteoplus® therapy works?

The biostimulating signal of Osteoplus®, acts on the cell membrane making it more receptive, increasing the ion exchange of calcium NA+. The anti-edema, anti-inflammatory and vascularising action also promotes neo angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels), allowing the healing of inflammatory states and bone edema).

How to know if Osteoplus® therapy works properly?

Osteoplus® is previously tested on site before being delivered to the end user, already scheduled for his pathology and for the days and hours of therapy according to the therapeutic protocol of the specialist. The solenoids will only need to be connected to the ignition and the treatment will be started.

However, the patient, will be able to test in an autonomous way, the proper operation of the Osteoplus® (since the human body does not feel the magnetic field), using a magnet (released supplied by Tesla the Medical over all the other accessories) that in the vicinity of the solenoid, will reveal the vibrations of the magnetic field.

Is Osteoplus® a safe medical device?

Osteoplus® tissue Biostimulator is a medical device Made in Italy of the latest generation (designed with biocompatible materials), which has obtained the IP21 certification, that is the highest degree of protection for home use. Osteoplus® in fact, in compliance with the strictest European regulations, does not need to work in current, thus eliminating in fact, all possible risks of short circuits and electrical leakage. Osteoplus® is a medical facility registered at the Ministry of Health.

What you feel during treatment with Osteoplus®?

The human body is not able to sense magnetic fields; for this reason the patient will not perceive any kind of sensation or discomfort during treatment.

Is Osteoplus® Tissue Biostimulator easy to use?

Osteoplus® has been designed to be extremely simple and intuitive to use. Despite this, to further facilitate the lives of our patients, Osteoplus® is delivered already scheduled according to the therapeutic protocol of the specialist. In fact, when switched on, the device will immediately reveal the pathology and the days and hours of therapy to follow (example: algodystrophy, 30 days, 6 hours a day). The Osteoplus® display is also equipped with a timer that, acting as a memory for the patient, will constantly signal the time of therapy used . Even if you decide to stop treatment before reaching the Daily protocol, Osteoplus® will resume the time from where it was previously stopped. Therefore, the only operation that the patient will have to perform, will be to connect the solenoid or solenoids to the machine body and fix them on the affected area through the elastic band that Tesla Medical releases supplied, as an accessory for an optimized therapy. Then press the button to start the treatment.

Do you have to sit or lie down during treatment with Osteoplus®?

Each pathology must be treated with criteria respecting above all the indications dictated by the doctor. However, Osteoplus®, whose peculiarity is that it is portable, given the small size and the need not to be connected to the power outlet, allows the patient not to give up their daily habits and to be able to move freely in home environments during treatment.

Can Osteoplus® bearings (solenoids) be used above clothes?

Osteoplus® solenoids are able to work in all conditions; in the presence of internal and external means of synthesis, prosthetic implants and plaster. Therefore, they are highly performance and effective even above the clothes worn.

How long should Osteoplus® Tissue Biostimulator therapy last?

The days and hours of therapy are variable depending on the severity and type of pathology. For this reason, it is extremely important to adhere to the therapeutic protocol of the specialist. Tesla Medical, in fact, only after receiving elucidations related to the pathology, medical reports and prescriptions, will Program the Osteoplus® in order to comply with the indications of the attending physician and allow the patient to optimize their therapy.

Should Osteoplus® therapy be continuous throughout the day?

It is not necessary to carry out continuous treatment throughout the day. From this point of view the choice of when to carry out therapy can be at the discretion of the patient. It is expected, in fact, to be able to reach the Daily protocol by delaying the treatment throughout the day; the important thing, however, is that each application is never less than two hours.

When is it not recommended to use Osteoplus® therapy?

In case of subjects carrying pacemakers, pregnant women or patients with problems of an oncological nature, consultation and approval of the specialist is categorically required.

How to rent Osteoplus® Tissue Biostimulator?

Osteoplus® can be rented by contacting the helpline number 800.561.939.

What are the delivery times of Osteoplus® Tissue Biostimulator?

Osteoplus® is delivered throughout Italy within 24 / 48h including islands from the moment of taking charge by the courier.

How do you return Osteoplus® Tissue Biostimulator?

Approximately 2 days before the rental expiration date, a Bionova Medical Devices, appointee will make a phone call to the patient to be able to schedule by mutual agreement the first useful day for the Osteoplus® pickup. Established address and date, the courier will take care of the collection.

What are the payment methods for renting the Osteoplus® tissue Biostimulator?

Bionova Medical Devices offers its patients two payment methods for the rental of the Osteopus©. Advance bank transfer or cash on delivery (cash to the courier without additional costs). In the case of choosing to pay by Bank Transfer, Bionova Medical Devices reserves the right to ship the Osteoplus only after verifying the credit to its bank account.

Is it possible to extend the Osteoplus® tissue Biostimulator rental?

The patient can request an extension of the Osteoplus® tissue Biostimulator rental by contacting helpline 800.561.939. Bionova Medical Devices will therefore send by email, the rental agreement, the invoice and the bank details to make the transfer against the extension.


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